Registered Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old.

The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain.

Too often we get caught up in a rushed and stressful pace of daily life, and worse, we often neglect the most essential step we need to thrive. And that’s taking time out from the pressure of your hectic and busy lifestyle to refuel and take care of yourself. The consequence is that you find yourself dealing with stiffness, tension, pain and stress that drags you down, robs your energy, makes you less productive and inspired and is just plain irritating and frustrating. Self-care is not just a luxury, it’s crucial. Imagine a life where you took time to unwind and nurture yourself, to be cared for, or to just to be. Relaxation and recovery can be the difference between seeing a world full of challenges and a world of possibilities.

Massage is a way to restore and replenish you and your body as a whole. It feels great and it’s great for you: it reduces stress and discomfort; melts away tension and stiffness; relaxes muscles; enhances your immune response and digestive function, lowers blood pressure; improves breathing and sleep; creates better mental clarity and elevates your mood. It also helps accelerate recovery and prevent any further damage and injury.

Our RMTs

Our Registered Massage Therapists have a lot of experience and education that enhances their style and treatment approaches. With us, your needs WILL be heard and addressed. We have a big toolbox of techniques and modalities that may be new to you, so that we can unravel any complexities and introduce simplicity and flow into your body so you leave feeling revitalized, lighter and calmer. We don’t subscribe to the outdated” no pain no gain philosophy” Our focus is to reduce inflammation and pain not create more of it. Everyone is unique and so are our treatment approaches so that you leave feeling relief from tension and pain.

In Ontario, RMT services are often partially or fully covered by your employee extended healthcare benefits and YES we do direct billing!


Dana Monette RMT

Sheryl Gill Heatshot

Sheryl Gill RMT


Ashley Dent D.Sc.O, DOMP, RMT


Jennifer Tough RMT

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James Noga RMT

Rachel van Romondt

Rachel Van Romondt M.OMSc, RMT

Some clients prefer Deep tissue, Sports massage or the intensity of a Theragun and others want a relaxing Swedish massage or Gentle Lymphatic Treatment.

You can also upgrade to a specialized Myofascial treatments with the Fasciablaster®  dynamic cupping or warm Bamboo-fusion® and Hot Stone sessions. 

Try our popular Passive Stretching Treatment, get Stretch’d from head to toe while you relax with your workout clothes on and leave feeling more youthful and limber

All Services Provided By Our RMT’s Regardless Of The Massage And Manual Therapy Techniques Used Are Covered As Massage Therapy Treatments.

Direct Billing Is Available For Many Employee Health Insurance Plans For Massage Therapy & Manual Therapy.

See What’s Happening Under Our Skin When We Do Myofascial And Musculoskeletal Treatments In The Video Below. This Is Where Your Therapist Is Focused On Improving Health!


You do not.  However, if it makes you more comfortable, please go ahead.

When you book your initial appointment with us, you will receive a welcome email from our online platform Jane and an online intake form to complete prior to your visit. On your first visit, a complete health history must be completed.  You can arrive early to fill it out, or print it off and bring it with you if the online option is not to your comfort. Remember to please be as detailed as you can. Include all contact info and relevant information.

On your first visit, a complete health history will be conducted with your therapist, and your current medical conditions and treatment options will be discussed.  It is recommended that you book a minimum of 45 minutes for your first appointment.

We do direct bill to insurance companies. Please ask us for a Direct Billing Form when you arrive, or print and bring one in with you. You can also pay for your treatment at the end of your treatment and we will give you a receipt to submit to your health coverage provider if you have one. Most insurance companies will reimburse you within a few days. (You must have your card present at every treatment.)

We appreciate clients who book in advance, and we understand that life can get in the way of pre-planned appointments. We kindly ask for 24 hours notice when cancelling any appointment. This is to allow the practitioners an opportunity to help someone else in your absence. However we do understand that is not always possible if you are sick or in an accident. Please let us know if you are not going to make the appointment, so we can accommodate people on our cancellation list.  Last minute cancels could be subject to a cancellation fee if it is a recurring event.  Keep in mind, your therapist is waiting for you; if you choose not to show up or call, it will be expected that you pay for their time.

Yes, we do pre-natal and post-natal massage, all therapists are trained to assist you. However, as we are not a niche clinic, we do not have the supporting comfort pillow system. Our therapists work with the pillows and sheets availble and your comfort level to create the best treatment for you.

We Align Your Body & Mind With Heart!

Get Relief, Relaxation, Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation with one of our award winning services or therapists.

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