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We pride ourselves on being very data-driven, medically supervised & naturally focused in order to provide you with the fasted and most targeted results. Finally, a program that stops the guess-work and actually focuses on the real root of your health issues.

Our Naturopathic Practitioners

Naturopathic consultations are classified under private medicine are NOT covered by OHIP. Most patients will pay out of pocket for our services or try to get as much covered through their extended health insurance plans.

We are covered by most extended health insurance plans (Manulife, Sun Life, Canada Life, Blue Cross, Green Shield, Industrial Alliance, Empire Life, etc.).
We are also set up for direct billing.

Before investing, please call your insurance plan to determine your annual coverage for Naturopathic Consultations and inquire if “Diagnostic Testing” is also covered as well.

We ask you to start with an initial visit (60-75min) which is $225  and automatically includes enrolment into our MAXIMized Health Method online program ($300 value)*.

If you have specific questions, or concerns and would like to meet Dr. Jacquie first to see if it’s a good fit we offer a 15 minute FREE Meet & Greets done virtually.

Maybe you have never been to see an ND before? Maybe you have been to other NDs and did not get great success. This medicine DOES work, but it has to be done in the right way!

Dr. Jacquie

Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND

Here’s a list of the most common lab testing that we provide, all of which are included in our Gut-Adrenal-Thyroid GAT Protocol

  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing (120 to 200 food antigens)
  • Electrodermal Food Sensitivity Screening
  • Organic Acids Metabolism Urine Test
  • Complete DUTCH Hormone Testing (Cortisol, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA)
  • CHI Urine Hormone Test
  • Complete Thyroid Blood Panel (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Anti-TPO, Anti-TG and Reverse T3)
  • GI MAP Diagnostic Stool Test (Measures all markers of GI Function, Good bacteria levels, opportunistic bacteria levels, pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, dysbiosis)
  • Live Blood Analysis with Microcell Sciences
  • 2-Hour Insulin-Glucose Challenge Blood Work
  • Routine Blood Work (Almost all labs that can be run through Life Labs or Dynacare)

Our Naturopaths are also available to do Bioidentical Hormone Prescribing and testing.

We have also had a lot of success claiming these lab tests through most extended health insurance plans.

Our Comprehensive And Data-Driven Approach Gets You Feeling The Best You’ve Ever Felt!

Almost every single time, once you have onboarded with one of our naturopathic team members, you’ll immediately start to connect with WHY your symptoms are present and as a team, we help you eliminate them and get you feeling the way you SHOULD be feeling.

Our promise is to offer you the fastest course of treatment, that doesn’t require you to take the ‘kitchen sink’ approach to lifestyle changes AND always keep your budget and busy lifestyle in mind.

After your in-depth appointment, you will know exactly how to get started to transform your health with:


It’s our policy to get you results as QUICKLY as possible. That means we’re going to bust open that tap and flood your body with nutrients, right away!

Movement That Sticks

It’s not about intensity. It’s not about becoming a gym rat. It’s about moving your body to help heal your body.

Only The Supplements You Actually Need

We will NEVER have you leave with handfuls of supplements. We recommend what you need for each phase of the GAT protocol, removing items as we go. Our goal is to have you on as little as possible.

We Get It. Getting Healthy Can Be Hard Work.

We treat hundreds of patients every year.

We Don’t Guess, We Test!

We can treat you without testing, but that can be more costly than investing in the lab results from the start. You choose!

Following The SYSTEM To How Your Body Heals, For Good!

If you haven’t gotten great results before, it’s because you skipped steps! Through our unique GAT Protocol © we help our patients get dramatic results in as quickly as 1-week. Hundreds of patients go through the GAT protocol and within 90 days successfully graduate to strong, confident people who now LOVE the body they live in with better digestion and immune systems, and healthier metabolism and hormones.

Unlimited Support

It’s our promise to all patients that you will never be supported only when you have an appointment. We offer 100% virtual support that’s easy to log in to on our Jane app.

Prevention Over Reaction

We also have protocols in place to prevent illnesses from even starting. Annual wellness check-ups, Immune supports, routine blood work, etc.

How To Get Started

Use our contact us button to email or call us at 905-749-0304 to schedule your first Virtual Tele-medicine appointment or your Complimentary Meet & Greet telemedicine appointments with our Naturopathic team are available. Our Naturopaths are available Tuesday through Saturday and will strive to get you seen by a naturopath as quickly as possible.

Once we’ve received your booking request we will contact you to set up a time within 1 business day. You will be emailed a confirmation of your appointment and the required intake forms which you can complete and submit electronically.

To process your appointment virtually we will also require your insurance policy information for direct billing and credit card securely held on file to process payments.  You can add this yourself in your Jane profile so it doesn’t have to be taken over the phone. You will never be charged without knowing what you are paying for ahead of time.

When you receive your scheduled appointment time you will also get instructions on how to easily log in for your virtual session on Jane! You’ll meet your Naturopathic Doctor who will go over your concerns with you, discuss and order any tests that are required, give you a diagnosis and set you up with the first steps on your plan to feel better.

You can always cancel your appointment in Jane with no hassle and no charge the day before your scheduled time. Because we set aside a big part of our day just for you please call, text or email ahead if you need to change times or days and we will happily help.

A 50% charge is applied for cancellations after 6 pm the day before your appointment and a 100% charge is applied for no-shows and appointments canceled within 2 hours of your scheduled time as it is difficult to fill that space for clients waiting with short notice so please remember to call or email ahead.

You will always automatically get a reminder by email and text ahead of time so you don’t forget.

We Align Your Body & Mind With Heart!

Get Relief, Relaxation, Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation with one of our award winning services or therapists.

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