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What is Align Manual Therapy?

The ALIGN System is an evidence based manual therapy that is straightforward and comprehensive, measurable and precise. It is designed to help you gently restore your body to proper alignment from head to toe. It is your key to total body transformation! Your assessment provides insight into your posturing, movement and functioning in each of the body’s 24 anatomical zones, planes, and axes to give us unique information about you.

DISCOVER this evidence-based manual therapy that is a measurable road map to the root causes of dysfunction in the body. It is a key to total body transformation – designed to help you gently restore proper alignment and provide pain relief, from head to toe, inside-out.

We measure and assess each of your body’s 24 anatomical zones, planes, and axes to give us in-depth information about you, because the body is great at hiding its deepest wounds and old injuries. 

Our clients say the results seem like magic, but The Magic is in the Math!

Our Therapists

Dana and Sheryl have both been on a mission for over a quarter century to crack the code and on physical suffering and struggle, to help you break free of the accumulated tensions, injuries and traumas so you can perform at your physical best. 

They treat clients struggling with everything from the effects of poor foot arches and painful, stiff joints to those suffering from trauma and tension of the head, neck and face and everything in between – because it is all connected! 

Every Body has its own special story to tell. Now with the help of your therapist, you will see exactly where your unique restrictions are. Then we get to work to achieve effective pain, posture and movement correction, that will make you feel better, perform better and play better too. 

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Sheryl and Dana are best-selling Authors of the Align’d Approach available of Amazon

Download Chapter 1 – Imbalance is Not Random


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Benefits of Align Manual Therapy

Restore vitality to areas affected by trauma, injuries, stress, and other factors

Relieve neck and back pain, headaches, and chronic back pain

Reduce stress on the spine to decrease your risk of injuries and promote better posture

Let go of the annoyance that comes with living with an achy, sore, irritated body

Increase focus to help you get the most out of your work and study efforts

Improve your confidence and charisma, empowering you to make a positive impression wherever you go

Improve sleep quality to help you banish fatigue and tackle each day with vitality and enthusiasm

Look and feel more youthful and radiant

Move with agility, power, grace and ease no matter what your age

Improve performance and ability in your athletic and sport aspirations

And much more!

The Align’d Approach Is Available On Amazon

And it’s jam-packed with high-value strategies and the unparalleled 3-part Align’d system, designed to help YOU love and live every day with the movements and mindset of a high performing athlete. Learn how to get rid of any tension, tightness or trauma that’s holding you back.


You will get results in the first session. Typically, it can take 4-6 sessions to get lasting change but every session will move you closer to your desired goal.

We don’t just expect you to take our word for it, we will put you in front of a mirror to measure and perform functional testing so you can see for yourself. With each session, we will be able to measure ongoing progress and see how close (or how far) you are from achieving your goal, whether its pain relief, improved posture or a body that feels and works better overall.   Clients think it’s magic, but it comes down to the math of the human body and math problems always have SOLUTIONS. There is no guessing or B.S’ing.

Yes, we encourage it.  You are designed to move. We will give you tips and techniques to help you improve and progress in between appointments that are specific to your body’s needs.  It’s important to stay active and do your homework to enhance the effectiveness and holding power of each session.

Your first session will be at least an hour and will go through a full body assessment which takes 10-15 minutes so the therapist can target the areas that will create the most change where needed. Pain is not always the best indicator of the root cause.  The therapist always questions. Why is this happening?  Why has it not yet healed on its own?  What are the barriers?  They create a checklist (or to-do list) based on your body’s current state that will be reassessed at each visit to make sure you are progressing. You are always the ultimate decision maker about your body – we are here to give you information that will help you discern and understand potential risks, benefits and options for your healthcare. It is vital to us that you are an informed participant in your health journey and that you feel comfortable and respected.

Please fill out the health history ahead of time so the appointment can start right on time and address your health needs and questions. Please wear workout clothes and make sure to hydrate.  Aim for a litre before your appointment. Your therapists will always communicate what they discover, what they are working on, and their action plan. It is a very interactive appointment. Remember to hydrate before and after your treatment. A dehydrated client may get cramps or feel lightheaded during or after treatment.

While Manual therapy has a different treatment style than the traditional Swedish Massage with no oils or getting undressed – it successfully addresses our scope of practice as RMT’s which mandates that we “assess the soft tissues and joints of the body, treating and preventing physical dysfunction and pain through manipulative techniques. The goal is to develop, maintain, rehabilitate and enhance physical function and provide pain relief ” at every age and stage of life.

We are diligent in our functional testing and postural and biomechanical assessments. This process is an essential to measuring progress and effectiveness, which we cannot overlook.

 Presently, everyone at the clinic using this method is an RMT and so yes, if you have employee extended health benefits that cover Massage Therapy, you’re covered.  Please check with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage details. Also, for your convenience, ask about Direct Billing prior to your appointment so that we can get you set up in our system for a seamless checkout. An RMT insurance receipt is always given for each session if you don’t have coverage and you can submit through your income tax as part of your medical benefit.

Sure, the more the merrier. We will always work as a partner in your health care and together with your team. We may even recommend specific ones for you too.  We are also a multidisciplinary clinic so you can use one of the therapists on staff or your own favorite.

Yes, we offer a few.  Besides our numerous (hands-on manual therapy techniques we also integrate innovative and proven technology when needed. We use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, shockwave (acoustic soundwave) & vibration therapy to assist with inflammation, difficult pain, joint and tendon degeneration, arthritis, deep scarring and tears.

All of our techniques are safe to use on the head and neck.  They are low force, gentle techniques that help relieve the pressure problems associated with trauma and dysfunction.  Pressure problems lead to pain problems so our goal is to reduce the pressure in your body as well as achieve stability from your toes to your head. We don’t encourage mobility (over-stretching) or take away tension at the expense of stability which is a priority for your body’s health. Poor posture and excessive tightness are often consequences of this. 

We also teach and develop practitioner courses that specialize in this

We Align Your Body & Mind With Heart!

Get Relief, Relaxation, Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation with one of our award winning services or therapists.

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