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I’m a seasoned science grad and registered massage therapist who is passionate about the inner workings of the human body. The theme of my life is transformation, and my vision is to help transform healthcare globally. Over the course of 24 years, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals, empowering them to embrace and maximize life every single day.

My studies over the years have been directed by a desire to find simple ways to regain balance in our bodies. At times, health can seem a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be a secret. Yes, the body is great at hiding and covering up its wounds and injuries. But with a well-trained eye, you know exactly what to look for. Once we discover your limitations and blocks – whether it’s locked in as discomfort, numbness, heaviness, or tension – you can start to remove them. It’s like finding a shortcut, a way to optimize not just survive.

I love creating connections by asking the right questions to find the smallest change that gives the biggest result. Because I love a good puzzle, I can find the oldest injury someone has and resolve it almost instantly by pinpointing a lifelong limitation. When I first saw Dana’s work over 20 years ago, I saw immediately a new way of looking at health not as just disease management. Over the years it has become the Align’d Approach – a simple elegant system of harnessing human potential that includes everyone with a body, a heart, and a willingness to learn. What kind of world can we build with the knowledge of how to be the best version of ourselves?

Along the way, my heart stopped beating for 10 minutes which forced me down a path of self discovery. My new found, improved experience of life changed my perspective which I’ve loved to share with clients as well as a motivational speaker for Fortune 500 corporations in media, insurance, entertainment, and finance. I’ve shared my story and message at Corus, Sunlife, Investors Group, the Canadian government, Hamilton General Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation (which turned into an ambassador position with a national media campaign!).

One of my secret superpowers is morphing any comfort food recipe into nutritional power fuel—it’s something that got me featured on an episode of Chef Worthy. My passion for putting the pieces together seamlessly and solving the most complex problems makes me a freak for any organizing and do-it-yourself project. Show me chaos and I’ll help find order.

I thrive on understanding what makes people tick.   As the co-author of the Align’d Approach I revel in discovering the keys to unlock that untapped performance capacity.  Creating community and seeing people innovate and step into their humanity makes my heart sing.

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