Dr. Sukhi Riar (B.Sc.)


I truly believe that the journey of life gives many lessons for one to learn and grow from. Debilitating sharp headaches, brain fog, weight gain, anger, acne, are some of the symptoms I experienced growing up. I struggled with my health so frequently that I thought it was my norm. I was told it was normal to feel that way during the transition from a child to a teenager and to wait it out. So I waited.  I wasn’t aware that I was capable of bettering my situation, environment and overall a healthier lifestyle.

“Nothing to be worried about, you have a 1 cm benign pituitary tumor that is causing you to have all the symptoms your experiencing, all you have to do is take this medicine for probably your entire life, but it will help with your symptoms, here is the prescription, I will see you in 6 months for a check up”

For years I let the diagnosis take over my identity and who I am as a person until one day when I said enough is enough and decided to take control over my health. I have always believed that the human body is very intelligent and can help heal with a healthy environment. In order to further investigate this I went to school and majored in biology and then further pursued my passion that arose for chiropractic. My chiropractic education allowed me to gain experience and skills with not only musculoskeletal related conditions, but in overall achieving a healthier lifestyle through balancing the nervous system. The body is like a highway with information flowing from the brain to the rest of the body and vice versa via the nervous system. The nervous system is protected by the spine and vulnerable to emotional, physical and chemical traumas. Chiropractic is a gentle and safe approach that can help anyone as young as an week old or a 100 years old. Allowing for proper spinal health and nervous system function plays a huge role in the foundation of good health.

One of the biggest life lessons I have learned is to take my own health as my number one responsibility and priority which has tremendously helped balance my life mentally, physically and spiritually. I haven’t felt this healthy and happy in nearly a decade. I feed my body with the most nutritious foods I can to help nourish my body, I use movement therapy everyday to work on my physical health as well as engage in mindful practices. Chiropractic has helped change my life and allowed me to reshape myself so I can express who I truly am and flourish my growth and potential. I know how it feels when you are exhausted and hurting on the inside and out. I have been there and can say that I am proud of where I am today. You can do it too. Chiropractic can help you be the best version of you, as you deserve to be. I want to be apart of your health journey and help you get to your destination.

You are beautiful, intelligent, loved, and worthy. You deserve good health and deserve to explore the inner potential you have. If you believe that you can and you will- you are capable of being the best version of yourself. You are ready to work towards a well balanced life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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