Dana Monette RMT


We have been taught that answers come from our heads, you just need to read the right books, think the right thoughts, go through the motions and we will succeed in our chosen endeavours. We’ll be happy. But I believe something different. I believe the answers live in our bodies or are at very least are interpreted by them; the symptom, the hurt, the pain, the struggle and the suffering is revealing something. It is this understanding that informs all my work, I am a catalyst and a confidante. After decades of study, and practice it is my mission to teach others to decode and improve communication with their bodies to perform at their mental, spiritual and physical peaks. I started 27 years ago now studying linguistics and psychology in university, but a realization detoured me into studying the body, its function and capacity. And then it morphed into the place where west meets east, the body is unified with the mind, science merges with artistry and potential energy is transformed.

From working with thousands of clients my new understanding was born, “dysfunctional” posture and movement mechanics of the body can show us the areas of life beyond the physical that are also blocked. It became Performance Evolutions‘ Align System bealignd.comYes, it’s A SYSTEM, a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole in a way that is organized. This discovery and approach was so beautiful and fascinating to me – mathematical and practical. Measurable and precise. Visual and consistent. Finding simplicity in complexities. My own pragmatic system for posture and movement correction that creates space, support, and possibility, efficiency, functionality and introduces a feeling of lightness and power into bodies and lives.

Our experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly can grow us, liberate us, energize us and create momentum and fulfillment beyond expectations when we let go of the need to perpetuate struggle and suffering. And that is my desire, to share this with you, so you can share it with others and witness and experience firsthand how fascinating and fun and mind-blowing you and your body are – that we all are. Find out more at bealignd.com

Dana is a highly skilled and trained therapist and teacher as a Craniofacial trauma and post concussion specialist in North America. Having received and recovered fully from multiple concussions, full-on knock-outs and a brain hemorrhage she understands what you are going through intimately and what is required to heal from it. Often clients find relief with her whole body approach that also focuses on Respiratory Rehabilitation, finding and resolving high force injuries from accidents and sports, that are creating imbalances, compensations and instabilities causing limitations, pain, tightness and tension throughout their bodies.


  • Diploma Massage Therapy 1996
  • Diploma in Medical Acupuncture
  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Performing Edge Coach, Sedona Method Level 1 Coach
  • Numerous Upledger, Cranial, Lymphatic and Integrative Manual Therapy Certifications

You Found Your Way To Me Because You Are An Aspirer, An Achiever Or An Athlete, But You Hit A Wall, Are Injured, In Pain, Burnt-Out, Frustrated Or Are Stuck In A Rut.

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