Carrie Skeels

Carrie Skeels

Carrie Skeels, has dedicated the last 25 years into veterinarian health. However, showcased a profound passion for nutrition and coaching. Over the last 12 years  delved into the realms of nutrition, excelling in both sales coaching and event planning.

Carrie is equipped with a coaching certificate from the Co Active Training Institute. This certification reflects her commitment to empowering individuals, providing them with the necessary tools to evolve into the best versions of themselves. Carrie Skeels seamlessly integrates her expertise background with her coaching skills, creating a unique and holistic approach to both animal and human well-being.

Carrie was introduced to live blood analysis 9 years ago with Shannon. Carrie was fascinated by it’s incredible wealth of information. Used live blood cells for maintaining health and wellness for her entire family. Carrie is excited to combine all her strengths into helping people.

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