Ashley Dent D.Sc.O, DOMP, RMT


You Have Been Brought Here By Someone Who Cares, Someone Who Told You To Try Osteopathy And Not To Give Up.

You have gone everywhere, tried everything and you are still struggling in pain and suffering and I understand. Thank you for not giving up on yourself and your life; I promise I won’t either!

We are all connected in numerous and complex ways and, to some, it may seem peculiar and even unorthodox for me to be holding your ears when your pain and discomfort is in your back or hips. With advanced courses in Embryology and Complex Physiology, (the study of the growth process from conception to fetus to birth)  the understanding of anatomy from its development as a cell into the multitude of tissues and their functions as a fetus, as well as the relationships each part of the body has with another my passion starts and unfolds throughout life. Unravelling the most complex compensations within your body from trauma and injury – that may have even started before you were born – my passion grows into something that creates magic for you. Each treatment is designed uniquely to bring you back to a place of freedom and ease within your body and your life.

I have always believed that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. And over the last 10 years and missions to Peru, I’ve witnessed miracles happen in my clients’ lives through Osteopathic treatment, so I know this to be true. Osteopathy has provided the education, interrelationship and fine-tuned manual skills required for me to share my beliefs and put them to work, seeking out the reason your body isn’t healing, even with so many different forms of treatment. Searching for the truth and finding the health within your body, I am with you on your journey to give you hope and provide you solutions with this source-inspired style of hands-on treatment.

My specialties are working with expectant moms and babies. It’s incredible what a process pregnancy and delivery are on a mom and child. Making it as smooth a transition as possible is what I love.

I am also qualified in dealing with endocranial spasms, brain intestinal axis, concussion. TMJ and gastro-intestinal dysfunctions that follow a hard hit, an accident, extreme pressures or blood flow alterations. Cognitive impairment, lethargy, mood swings, headaches and migraines leave clients feeling vulnerable and frustrated and require a therapist with a special touch.


  • Diploma Massage and Hydrotherapy 2009
  • Diploma Science of Osteopathy 2013
  • Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice 2015
  • Numerous Manual Therapy and Osteopathic theory Certifications

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