Direct Billing Policies

We are currently set up for direct billing to your employee health benefits for Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathy & Massage Therapy, Psychotherapy (with Khadija on Mondays.)
Live Blood Analysis may also be covered as Naturopathic Diagnostic if done within 7 days of Naturopath virtual appointment with Dr. Jacquie Moulton who will review the results with you and give recommendations. Osteopathy is presently being approved by some insurers as well as of Fall 2023.

This means if you have insurance coverage we can bill your insurance company directly for payment, and you only have to pay any portion that is not covered! We have 2 requirements to follow for direct billing: 

#You must fill out and sign the direct billing to insurance consent form so we can submit and collect payment on your behalf.

#A valid credit card must be kept on file. Each insurers portals have random inactive times for maintenance when we are not able to submit your service for payment. This policy allows us to still submit at a later time and collect any balance not paid by they insurer. Our front desk team can not override these policies. 


      • In some cases, your provider does not pay the clinic directly. In this case, we can process your claim for you, but you will be asked to pay for your treatment in full. You will then receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company.

        • There are also other situations where your insurance company may not cover the full amount of your treatment. Unfortunately, some insurance companies only tell us several days after your treatment how much they are going to cover. 

          • There are also many times when the insurance portal processing systems are down on their end and we have no way of submitting on that day and some only allow same day processing.

          • Everyone’s insurance policy and employee coverage is different. We are not able to access your policy to tell you how much will be covered ahead of time, this information is confidential. But you can! Call and ask 🙂
        Unfortunately, because we have not always been able to collect for unpaid payment balances, we will ask to keep a credit card on file in our secure Jane system.  This new policy allows us to continue with our direct billing many clients love instead of reverting back to having YOU pay the full amount and then filing the service claim yourself with your company for reimbursement.

        We will never charge any outstanding balance that your insurance company didn’t pay. We will also NEVER charge your card without contacting you first and sending you written proof that there is an outstanding balance due. Please sign the consent at the end of this document.

        You can either add your credit card information securely to your Jane profile yourself or our front desk staff will collect your credit card number at your next visit to Align’d Body Mind.

        If you don’t want your credit card on file you can pay for the service at the end of your treatment and we will email or print the insurance receipt for you to submit. 
        We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, e-transfers and cash.

        When you arrive for your appointment, please let the front desk know that you would like to pay with Direct Billing. This allows lots of time to process it before you leave and you don’t have to wait around for an insurance reply, especially after a relaxing treatment.


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